Cuevas del Sol, located in Gorafe, in the area of Guadix is a quality rural tourist accommodation approved by the Ministry of Tourism of Andalusia. VTAR/GR/00351


     Facing south, natural lightning enters the cave almost the whole day, with temperatures around 19 º C throughout the year.


     A cave is accessed from the street through a large courtyard with gardens and trees full of places from which you can enjoy quiet and superb views.


     There are few places in our planet where one can enjoy this unusual type of housing, excavated in a clay of high strength. An example of this is the legacy of the eleventh century Almoravid caves that still remain intact today.


     You can have the experience of living in the bowels of the earth where silence, constant temperature and its beautiful forms are something magical,  enjoying at the same time all the comforts of a house in the XXI century.





Cave house rent - troglodytic vacation


Rural tourism  in Gorafe- Regions of Guadix and Marquesado - Granada - Andalucia