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Rural tourism  in Gorafe- Regions of Guadix and Marquesado - Granada - Andalucia






     Gorafe is 45 minutes from Granada. You can visit the Alhambra (from the first site you have information of income), the historic center and the old Moorish quarter of Albaicin.Also the Science Park, an interactive museum very interesting, even where there are workshops raptor flight. Or go at night to a flamenco show.


     In Gorafe is one of the largest concentrations of dolmens in the world .. And above all there are about views and incredible mountains. You have to visit the museum on the thime in Gorafe Megalithic newly built. Walking along the paths of the various marked routes to visit the different concentrations of well-preserved dolmens (in the cave there are plans to visit). Consider the unusual desert Gorafe.


     A 5 minute drive to the resort of Alicún of the Towers where there is a thermal pool and a wall opposite a stunning natural limestone formation formed by water.


A 20 minute drive by motorway is Guadix, people with a great cathedral, where there are tourist information and can give you maps of the area (in the cave there is also a folder with information and brochures of the area).


     A 25 minute drive is Negratín Swamp, where you can rent boats and there is an artificial beach naturist.